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Form information

  • Students participating in any activities associated with the Digital Bus are required to have the Student Waiver signed by a parent/guardian. Students lacking this form will not be allowed on Digital Bus excursions or allowed to handle any Digital Bus equipment.

  • Teachers! Please fill out the appropriate section asking for your name and class PRIOR to printing copies for your students.

  • The waiver is valid for the entire school year. 

  • A “PHOTO RELEASE AND ETHNICITY SURVEY “ is included on the waiver. If parents or guardians would prefer to opt out, a written letter of reasoning is required. Section D is required for funding, reporting, and documenting purposes only.

  • Any volunteers, teachers, or chaperones that are participating in Digital Bus activities, or accompanying classes on Digital BUs excursions, are required to turn in the Volunteer Waiver form prior to participation. This form may be completed at the time of the event aboard the Digital Bus.

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