Developed out of necessity due to the altered 2020 school year regulations, our virtual projects are designed to be a combination of self directed activities, classroom discussions, research projects, and video chats with the Digital Bus. Projects are available for a range of grade levels, approximately kindergarten through 7th. For more details and current availability, visit the Virtual Projects page, here.

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Student Q & A Session

Teachers may schedule individual sessions with The Digital Bus staff for enrolled Digital Bus students that need additional assistance with their project. These sessions are to help maintain student engagement with their assignments, and to help with any difficulties they may encounter. Fifteen minute sessions will take place over Google Meets. Sessions must have a parent, guardian, or additional adult present. 

All students, regardless if currently enrolled in a Digital Bus project or not, are encouraged to reach out with their STEM related questions. Whether you're a student stuck on a scientific concept, or a parent whose last science class was quite some years ago, we're ready to assist where we can. We will try our best to respond within 48 hours. 

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Hands-on for Students

All hands-on events inside The Digital Bus are on hold until social distancing restrictions have been lifted.

The Maui Digital Bus will be parked at varying locations on island throughout the year. Parents of students who are currently enrolled in a Digital Bus project at school can schedule a 20 minute hands-on visit aboard the Digital Bus for their child.  Teachers will be notified of specific dates and locations. Bus activities will not be associated with current school projects. 

* Contingent on current COVID regulations

** All disinfectant and social distancing measures will be taken

*** Students must have an appointment and a signed waiver to board

**** A parent or guardian must be present

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Teacher lending program

The Science Kit Lending Program is available to teachers who have previously worked with the Digital Bus. Teachers may borrow specific kits, and various equipment for a two week period. Please contact us directly for more information.

Student STEM Projects

All student STEM projects are on hold for the 2021-2022 school year due to Department of Education COVID-19 regulations. 

--Please consider booking a Virtual Project-- 

Our STEM projects offer curriculum aligned to NGSS discipline core ideas for grades K-12. Each grade level has a set of projects available.  All projects involve an initial lesson in the teacher's classroom, followed by either campus-based Digital Bus activities, or field-based activities on subsequent days. Projects can be tailored to fit the needs of any classroom. If you do not see your desired topic, please contact us to discuss possible options!

For more details about each project, please click on the project title.

Project availability will vary by semester


Community events

All community events are on hold until social distancing restrictions have been lifted.

The Digital Bus can provide customized projects for youth groups and special after school and Saturday programs. These projects are designed to fit the specific needs of the youth group. We can also provide two-hour workshops at a school site or community event to share a brief overview of our technology and current curriculum. The Digital Bus can also be booked for community events such as Marine Debris Clean ups, keiki oriented festivals, etc... Please contact us directly for availability and further information regarding these events.