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Virtual Projects

Our virtual projects are now also available as a hybrid learning project! Originally designed due to Covid, they are a combination of self directed activities, classroom discussions, research projects, Digital Bus produced videos, and video chats with the Digital Bus.  The hybrid version of the project adds in-person Q&A sessions, a Digital Bus visit, and a field trip!


Projects are available for a range of grade levels, approximately kindergarten through 9th. For more details visit the VIRTUAL & HYBRID PROJECTS page.

In-Person Student Projects


Although we will be scheduling in-person projects for the 2022-2023 school year, it is understood that rescheduling may be required due to current infection rates.

Our STEM projects offer curriculum aligned to NGSS discipline core ideas for grades K-12.  All projects involve an initial lesson in the teacher's classroom, followed by either campus-based Digital Bus activities, or field-based activities on subsequent days. Projects can be tailored to fit the needs of any classroom. If you do not see your desired topic, please contact us to discuss possible options!

For more details about each project, visit the IN-PERSON PROJECTS page.


Teacher lending program

The Digital Bus has resources and equipment available to teachers who have previously worked with us. Teachers may borrow specific kits or various equipment for a two week period.

Please CONTACT US directly for more information.


Community events


The Digital Bus will be available to book for community events on a case by case basis.

The Digital Bus can provide customized projects for youth groups, special after school programs, and Saturday programs. These projects are designed to fit the specific needs of the group. We can also provide two-hour workshops at a school site or community event to share a brief overview of our resources and current curriculum. The Digital Bus can also be booked for community events such as marine debris clean ups, keiki oriented festivals, etc... 


Please CONTACT US directly for availability and further information regarding events.

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