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Student STEM projects

The Moloka`i Digital Bus allows participants to have meaningful science-based outdoor experiences in ahupua`a from which they can directly learn and observe their own community's resiliency and ecosystems.  More importantly, they gain a deeper understanding of their rich cultural history, which includes the wisdom of ancient Hawaiians as environmental stewards.  Participants benefit from exposure to local community members, specialists, and kupuna while also integrating cutting edge technology such as water and soil testing equipment, data collection and mapping activities, and hands-on field-based activities.  Moloka`i Digital Bus projects integrate learning experiences that encompass modern scientific techniques with lessons about traditional resource management and Native Hawaiian Culture.

Community events

The Digital Bus can be booked for community events such as the Keiki Fair, the Resource Fair, etc... Please contact us directly for availability and further information regarding these events.

Teacher lending program

Professional development workshops provide training and opportunities for equipment and technology integration into curriculum and classroom usage.  Loan programs are available with priority preference given to trained participants in our Moloka`i Digital Bus projects.

Teacher Lending
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