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A Maui Digital Bus Virtual & Hybrid Project:



Students will explore Hawai’i by learning the basics of geography and history, volcanoes and island formation, and native versus invasive species. Scheduled live video chats or in-person sessions will engage students in discussions and serve as a platform for questions.  


The islands of Hawai'i have a rich natural and anthropogenic history. From their fiery volcanic formation to the development of extraordinary agricultural and fishing techniques, this project starts by covering topics of history, geography and geology. We'll also explore how plants and animals came to populate the islands, and the struggles the native species are now facing. This project aims to be a brief introduction to various topics of Hawaiian natural history and a launching point for teachers to dive into deeper areas of study. In order for anyone to be good stewards to the land and sea, understanding some of the basics about our island home is the first step. Mālama I Ka ‘Aina, Mālama O Ke Kai.


This virtual project includes:

  • Student workbook with six student directed modules

  • A meet-and-greet classroom video chat with the Digital Bus staff

  • A Google Drive folder with PDF and Google Slide versions of the workbook. (Compatible with Google Classroom)

  • If booking virtual: 

    • Virtual Q&A session following each module 

  • If booking hybrid:

    • In-person Q&A session following each module (including a visit aboard The Digital Bus)

    • Field trip to Kipuka Olowalu 

Materials (student)


Entire Project

Materials (teacher & parent)

Project details for teachers

Answer key

(password protected)

Digital Bus Videos (all videos are also linked within student modules)

Virtual Huaka'i (field trips)

Volcanos and island formation

Native and non-native species

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