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A Maui Digital Bus Virtual & Hybrid Project:

For Kindergarten, 1st,
and 2nd grades!


Students will learn the importance of observing, while building observational techniques and fine motor skills through the use of binoculars, magnifying glasses, and microscopes.  Digital Bus videos will guide students through a three part virtual project.


Good observational skills are the basis for all disciplines regardless of complexity or age. Furthermore, the ability to observe a surrounding area, determine its important factors, and document and analyze findings are imperative for scientific studies. The Kilo: Let's Observe! project will introduce various equipment to students allowing them to gain a better understanding of the importance of observation. This project should be stepping stone for teachers to lead a variety of activities involving student observation skills. 


This project includes:

  • Student workbook with three student modules

  • A Google Drive folder with PDF and Google Slide versions of the workbook. (Compatible with Google Classroom)

  • A meet-and-greet classroom video chat with the Digital Bus staff

  • All necessary equipment on loan for one week per classroom

  • If booking virtual: 

    • One virtual Q&A conclusion session

  • If booking hybrid:

    • One in-person Q&A session with a visit aboard The Digital Bus

Materials (student)


Entire Project



Entire Project



Entire Project


Materials (teacher)

Project details for teachers


How to use the equipment

Digital Bus Videos (all videos are also linked within student modules)

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